1/2 of 2017

1/2 of 2017

19598460_10155476197434932_7708442376018940342_nI’m back after 4 months or so, and there goes 1/2 of 2017!! Amazing how time passes as we’re busy living everyday. 🙂

Was just complaining about studying so hard 2 months ago and now i’m working as a temporary full-time for my holiday….18010281_10155241111074932_9154682302169686969_n

Back to the finals period few months back, i was studying hard for my exams because i gotta do my best right? Especially with all the elites around me.. i have to at least try my very best so at the end of the day i wouldn’t feel that i didn’t tried hard enough because i gave up on myself.


It was a tough period and most of the time i’m studying at library/starbucks (for the wifi) and on days while i’m camping at starbucks i practically only had 1 meal per day. (to save money since i’ve already splurge on starbucks)

And time was ticking every minute and i barely had enough time to study finish all that i need to, but well, that was near impossible and i did my best lol

This may sounds pathetic to some, but i scored my 1st As in NUS! 🙂 *tears of joy* Yea, i know, for some A is a piece of cake hahahaha but “A” has never been on my results ever since i graduated from my diploma (where A/Distinction is a norm for me that time)

Was thinking about going for Exchange program/summer trips, but honestly i could barely afford it. Because of financial and personal reasons i had to forgo the chances, to be honest that’s pretty sad. Of course, because i still have a couple of years to go, if i have the opportunity i would definitely give it a go. It was a passing thought it’s pretty unfair because students who’s able to afford to go overseas (with no major problem/reasons) will be able “map” their modules with just a Pass/Fail.

Does that not sounds like you’re paying to pass your modules in an easier way?

Well, life. 18485823_10155311696314932_1868312972383719453_nLife has been good to me, some days i’ll be out with my friends eating/taking pictures. But to say that it has been perfect to me would be a lie. I’ve met shitty people, but that made me know my self-worth and what/where i really wanna be in life.

I’m currently working a 5.5 workday. To kill time, and to earn some money for my school fees and of course to feed myself lol.

Self-reminder: photo6253358485194516406photo6253358485194516407

And i’ll continue to work hard to be the best of myself. 

Mighty March

Mighty March


In no time, 3 months will be gone and soon i’ll be ending my Semester 2 in NUS. School has been stressful, and there has been times that i really wish that the education system would be more for a journey rather than competition.

Not sure if it applies to other students out there, some might not be facing this issue. Subconsciously comparing ourselves to our peers, and then tarnishing our own confidence and capability. It was inevitable, especially when your peers are doing way better than you are, and they possessed the IQ that you knew you’ll never exceed. But again, why do we even compare, and why do we want to exceed their IQ?

I constantly remind myself that it was my own life, and i am enjoying my “last” student life as an experience and progress rather than competition.

Commercialization of identity with a collective idea of what needs to happen next.

We plan, on the grades that we aim to achieve, the ranks we want to top. We compare how much time we spent studying, we compare our grades with our friends, we does everything that we’re not supposed to even think about.

  1. Never compare

This has been the most important point i’ve been constantly reminding myself, that “if i do my best, it doesn’t matter”. Even though sometimes we tried, with all our will, we don’t achieve what we want, but so what? Ask yourself, what’s the worst that could happen. Perhaps, seeing a bigger picture in life would help, as much as priortizing our academics is indeed critical.

      2. Go at your own pace

I have friends, really smart friends, who are always ahead of time. They’re able to ace every modules, do everything basically one step or two ahead of you. Everyone is different, and each of our style and threshold is different as well. Go at your own pace, so be it if you’re slower than others, because that is already a progress made.

      3. Do one thing at a time

This was something told to me by a good friend when i was feeling stressed about school and stuffs. When i am under pressure, i squeezed everything that i’m supposed to do in a day. NOT PRODUCTIVE. So, i’ve decided to do one thing at a time and focus on that one thing before i move on to the other. Not to forget about not worrying about the future too much, and take it as it comes.


Just some thoughts that i wanted to pen it down as a self-reminder. I know i can do better, and i will press on. (p/s. yes my hair is long now!)

Back to doing my reports, will update again, xoxo.

Bye, 2016.

Bye, 2016.

As usual, a post to end of the year. I have decided to break it down into 12 months with a write-up about every month.


Still dreading work every single day, and to think back, i’m still tired. The thought of waking up 6.30am everyday really… thankful that i’m back to school.

A picture taken @ kranji station in the late evening. Because i fell asleep in the train and overshot. Nothing special, the sight of unplanned scenary is something i’ve learnt to embrace. At least i didn’t overshot all the way to Jurong east. #iwasreallytired 

Taken outside my office after work. That serenity.. Now i really do miss it.

1 day before Valentine’s day. A strike off my bucketlist and went to CNBLUE’s concert alone. (it’s really not that bad to go to a concert alone) To attend a concert in 2016, checked. It was an awesome concert by the way! 😛

Walking into another new month. I still do enjoy taking pictures and exploring different part of Singapore.

Was busy even during the weekends for events OT. Just look at that grumpy face HAHAHAH. Oh and yes i chopped my hair shorter this month. Werking that short hair.

marchpostI ended off the month with a post on facebook to express my gratitude to everyone who have lent me a helping hand because 1st April 2016 was the end of my 2 year scholarship bond. 🙂

It was the month that i lost my specs. I was eating Burgerking in my office and i casually take of my specs (habit) and place it at the side but who knows i actually drop it inside the trash bag and boom. It’s gone.



Dinner with commercial team. Haha look at how short my hair were back then! 😛 Still working during weekends, and i remember telling myself to cherish the moment because i knew i’ll miss working.

Isn’t it funny how when you’re working you wish that you can go back to school. And that when you’re in school, you want to work?

#life #humans


Half the year was gone. Was starting to “wrap things up” at work because it’s my last month at Sportshub.

Went to orientation camp and made new friends, got back to the social circle of the people near my age. I have been pretty much NOT in touch with people of my age other than my close friends for the past 2 years.

And yea, sometimes i still look at people in class and think to myself… Is that what a 20s should be like?

I have honestly learnt so much from the adults around me, their wisdom, maturity, patience… #grateful

Sorry if i couldn’t show everyone faces here! I was feeling a lot this month and really am thankful for everyone who have guided me along the way and made me better.

Feeling so loved and i’m glad for this once in a lifetime work experience in Sportshub.

The month of liberation. Quitted my job in June so i could rest a month before school starts in August. Practically i keep going out this month, catching up with friends, going taekwondo more regularly.. 🙂

School started! 🙂 The first few weeks was relaxing but i had problem sitting down for hours because i’m used to moving about??

It was the month that i’ve been attending to my close friends graduation too! 🙂 979d5c4d-136f-4162-82bb-2600e1ae2c86
Proud of all of you! hehe 😛

SEPTEMBER:Just a picture of me trying to balance my accounting tutorial at starbucks. I actually had a fair amount of fun besides studying because somehow i managed to meet my friends, go for taekwondo..

I didn’t want to bury myself into studying 24/7, but of course i won’t neglect my studies because i know after all i’m back in school and i have to prioritize my time well. 🙂


2 months into uni, i made new friends, and we got closer. So glad to have met the people above and be in the same class for the 1st semester in NUS.

It was the month for my first mid-terms, and i remember wanting to just give up. Like literally give up. Thank goodness i didn’t la lol. Didn’t ace my papers but i passed and got better grades than i expected so that’s fine! 🙂

Had throat infection this month and i remember losing my voice and not being able to make a single sound out of my throat. It was just horrendous, and torturing.

Went to my first halloween horror @ USS too! Fingers crossed, xueting let’s pray together you’ll win free tickets next year again HAHA

NOVEMBER: At this point in time, i have already pretty much adapted the uni life. I’m better at sitting still in lectures, not dozing off, juggling my social life, and of course getting the momentum to mug. It was quite a stressful month for me because finals were coming up. Managed to find time to unwind a little every now and then, because there is really no point in studying when my mind is already elsewhere.

That is something i’ve learnt only in Uni because back in my poly days i would still force myself to study until i breakdown???

Oh, and it was my birthday month!! 😀 Lesser celebrations this year compared to all the free birthday meals last year at sportshub, but i’m happier than last year at this point in time.


Been going out a lot this month because i’m having my 5 weeks holiday! YAYYY!!

Catched up with poly mates, ex colleagues, clique etc. Had fun this month and i’m enjoying every moment while it last.

As this year is coming to an end i just want to take this opportunity, again, to thank everyone who have been there for me, be it encouraging me about my studies, eating with me.. you all know who you are!! 2016 has been nice to me, and may next year be better!

Wishing everyone an early new year! Be happy! 🙂

Signing off,





Finished the toughest (thus far) mid term paper yesterday! It was a sickly week and i was down with fever for 2 days, followed by cold and sore throat.

Currently i’ve got no voice and i’m glad i still can type LOL if not there will be no way for me to communicate to people.

Have been preparing for mid terms and i just want to say uni is so.. stressful. It’s a different kind of stress compared to work of course. Sometimes when i’m stucked i have negative thoughts like “how did i even get into nus?” 😛

Monday to fri, school is tiring with all the tutorial/project deadline, and saturday we have mid-term. At least that was how is it for the past few weeks. The last thing i want to happen is to fall sick but here i am. 😦

Going to start on my tutorial. Will update again when my life gets more interesting lol 😛

Uni Life

Uni Life


Hi guys! Thought i would blog for awhile before i continue revising. Life has been pretty monotonous for me ever since i started school, and next week is the start of my mid-terms. Sigh. 😦

I am starting to feel the “stress of a student“, which i forgotten how it feels like to be a student few years back. For now i can’t say that i am coping well, but i’m trying my best to. I realised being street-smart is not really beneficial in uni because afterall, this education is looking at your IQ more than your EQ.

I’ve also witness quite a couple of people that irritate the shit outta me whenever they open their mouth because their EQ is so damn low. Or maybe they don’t even have EQ? Well… they have the IQ though.

And some days, i can’t doubt it. I miss working at Sportshub.

Though it is mentally and physically more tiring compared to studying, well.. maybe it’s the people and the fact that i don’t need to sit down for so long makes me feel better.

Time to continue revising. I’ll update again, 🙂


Just, thoughts.

Just, thoughts.


Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from. – Elizsabeth Kubler

It’s one of the post that i randomly want to write it down somewhere. Somethings has been troubling me pretty badly recently, but i’m glad that it’s nothing major. Maybe now that i’m unemployed and i have all the time in my world (before school starts) there’s nothing much to distract me from my own thoughts.

Then again, why should i be avoiding my own thoughts?

I have been thinking about people i have met, people who’ve been through shits with me, people who’ve always been here for me, and then, there’s this classification leading to people leaving me.

(Credits: Tumblr)

Answer: Yes it’s possible. Someone can just vanish from your life the next second.

I’ve saw this particular quote somewhere before and at that point of time i didn’t really understand it. It goes something like this “life is like an elevator, you have to let people out“. Well, now i know.

Friendship problems.

This is the 2nd time in my life experiencing a legit friendship problem. Legit as in a friendship problem with someone i thought would be true to me. I hope whoever is reading this respect me by not asking me who this person is. I am just penning this down because as i’ve said i needed somewhere for me to rant. (or vent you may say)

I’m not going to talk about this after today.

People who make you wanna escape the reality for awhile because they made you feel bad about yourself. Question is, why am i still bothered by such people?

And time will heal the pain, not entirely but more than enough until you meet the person face to face. The friend whom you thought will be with you for the rest of your life, i am not sure if it’s true colours from the start or perhaps i’m too gullible and reliant.

Communicate. Even when it’s uncomfortable or uneasy. One of the best ways to heal, is simply getting everything out.

Not when the other party is not cooperative. It takes 2 hands to clap, i can’t possibly be holding up my hand when the hands of the other can nowhere to be seen. Realizing that the person you once told everything to now has no idea what’s going on in your life is probably one of the saddest things.

Okay enough of it, i’m going to continue and watch happy youtube vlogs lol. By the way guys, i just needed to post this and i’m alright so don’t worry! 🙂

Will update this space again. (oh by the way school is starting!!)

happy dancing excited full house awesome

On my freedom

On my freedom

free freedom bird bird gif freedom gif

This post came late but well better than nothing. It’s been 17 days since my “liberation” 😛 So, finally after 2.3 years i waited and the day came. The day i’m making my exit from sportshub. It sounded so surreal to me that i am actually going back to school and study.

(last ootd at sportshub)

After quitting my life has been pretty “chillax” i could say. Best thing i’ve enjoyed so far,

morning nightmare wake up awake the office

Waking up without an alarm. 

Best feeling ever lol. Woke up in the afternoon everyday unless i’m meeting my friends. At night i’ll either be out for dinner or taekwondo training. (i’m not entirely being a sloth you see)

Some days i will just reminisce the days at sportshub or share with my friends about my working experience there. Oh, i forgot to mention something. Leaving sportshub also means NO MORE INCOME!!! $

zendaya cry blackgirlmagic tears of joy crying

Reality check, no more splurging on whatever i want everyday. No more going in fancy restaurant just because i feel like it, no more spending money on unnecessary things.. The money i’ve saved for the past 2 years is gonna last me maybe 2/3 years for my uni fees so.. yeap. Homegirl has started to be more thrifty and look at everything she is going to buy before she spend the money on it. 😦

I mean i have been doing that, but not to the extent that i really think for long. Oh, some might be sad to hear this but i’ve quitted my drumming class. I started drumming not long after i started my job @ sportshub because what has been stopping me before that was “time, and money”. I really had fun and managed to strike off this wish from my bucketlist. Who knows i might start playing drums again? I don’t know man, maybe cca or part-time?

Enough of the work/money matters.

By the way, school is starting next month. Went for the business camp (nbc’16) and it was really fun! Something i realised, girls are 3 years younger than me and the guys are either same age or 1 year younger than me. Majority of them came from JC so.. yeap poly jie jie here LOL

I’ll be going for another 4d3n orientation camp soon before school officially starts! Not sure how i’ll be coping, if time and circumstances allow i might be working part-time to get some income. Of course, will be prioritizing my studies first 🙂 As usual, dawn promise all of you she’ll do her best in school. 😉

Till next time! 😉